Idea: A Platform For Artisan Greeting Cards

X For Y: Etsy For Greeting Cards


I was reviewing my grandmother’s cards for Mother’s Day while simultaneously complaining to her about greeting cards.

The idea of a greeting card is great. You show someone that you really care by sending them a message in a physical format, which in this day and age lends an almost Victorian air of sophistication.

The problem is that the greeting card you bought at CVS is not unique. They print out thousands, if not millions, of them. You browsed a few in the rack and you picked one out. That’s not special. That’s not unique. Something like that can hardly be considered a gift. In the end, giving a card to someone nowadays usually isn’t much more than an obligation or social gamesmanship.

While telling my grandmother this, I thought of Her. How the protagonist of that story works in some lofty future where people pay him to write hand-written messages. Then I thought what if I could do the same thing with greeting cards?

How It Works

With this platform, people could hire someone to custom create their greeting card for them. They could hire an artist, a writer or a calligrapher.  These developers would have portfolios and ratings on their profiles. Developers can provide more than one role. A developer who fulfills all three roles would be termed a full-stack developer.

In order to create a greeting card, the user simply describes what they’re looking for either in text, audio or video format. The user then indicates what type of developers they’re willing to hire and how much they’re willing to pay.

Developers would then place their bid for the proposal and any comments they may have.

The user would then go through the list of applicants and hire whoever they see fit.

Our platform would compensate the developers for their shipping costs and direct them where they would send it to. In some cases, they’d be sending it directly to the customer. In other cases, they may be sending it to another developer to be finished.

After the customer has received their greeting card, they would be able to rate and comment on that developer.


The price point for these greeting cards is $10. The platform would take $1 for every greeting card sold. Assuming that the artist would get less than 1/2 of that, there’s a very real concern that this is not enough money, but artists from less developed countries could possibly fulfill that role.

In the event of an international collaboration, the cost of possibly shipping the card to  three separate countries (from artist to calligrapher to customer) may have a huge financial impact. This could be mitigated by only allowing for domestic collaborations or passing that shipping cost directly and transparently to the consumer as part of working with that developer.

Business Model

The platform receives $1 for each greeting card. All greeting cards are developed in a standard medium and must be purchased by developers for a nominal fee.

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