Project: Postmortem Messaging

I remember an ex of mine said that I always have to get the last word. I never thought it was true until just now. I’ve always had this obsession in the back of my mind: what’s the last words that I will present to my loved ones?

Most people don’t care what happens when they die. They’re gone so they don’t think it matters.

A How I Met Your Mother episode really brings home my viewpoint on the issue. In season 6 episode 14 of HIMYM, Marshall’s dad dies and the entire episode rests on Marshall obsessing over the last words of his father. He’s distraught over the fact that his father’s last words were so mundane and mediocre.

There’s a chance for everyone on the planet to leave a message for their loved ones after they’re gone. To cultivate how they want to be remembered regardless of what the circumstances of the relationship may be.

The process basically works like this:

  1. Write a message.
  2. Check in periodically on whatever basis you want.
  3. If you don’t respond to our messages after failing to check in, we send out the message for you.

This has applications not only in sending messages after you’re dead but for sending messages in situations when you’re concerned for your safety. If you’re engaged in a possibly dangerous activity by yourself, such as hiking, you can send a message out if something happens and you don’t return.

Originally, I was going to do a minimum viable product to test out the potential for this but then I decided against it. Ultimately, if no one uses this product, that’s fine. I want to use it. When I die, I have things I want to say to people and this project will let me do that.  I’ve been wanting to work on this project for almost two years. I don’t think I’ve been this excited since Do It! Prove It! (Thankfully, this project won’t end in disappointment because I have extremely low expectations.)


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