Reinventing The Wheel (Or Why My Thing Is So Much More Special-er)

I created a way to track how you spend your time time and it’s called Root Basis. This project has been a long time coming actually.  For years, I’ve been obsessively tracking how I spend my time but I’d always give up because it took up so much more time than what felt productive.

Imagine having to take almost a whole minute every few minutes to write down what you’re doing. A lot of that was just repetitive too because I have the same routines.

Eventually, I created the antescedant to what would become Root Basis. This was an extremely primitive program (and ugly) but it worked.

Root Basis is a more streamlined and intuitive version of that and I’m very proud of it. I use it almost every single day to track how I spend my time.

With that being said, the best time tracker is Toggl. It’s clean. It’s simple. It’s intuitive. If you’re going to bring a time tracker to market, that’s what it should look like.

Now why am I writing this? Am I just engaging in negative self talk? Moping about how I failed? No.  It’s because I never used Toggl until almost six months after I began developing Root Basis.

To be fair, I never planned on releasing Root Basis. Originally, the plan was to create a way to quantify every aspect of your life. I never really developed it past time tracking but I used it every day. Since I was using it every day, I figured other people might find it useful. (I was wrong.)

A common bit of advice in business is to find the market first and once you have a paying customer then you build the product. Sometimes, I just wanna build something because it’s awesome. That’s why I built Words Prevail, a way to send out a message if something happens to you. In this case, it would have been helpful, not only as a viable alternative to going through the process of building something, but also as a way to inspire me to build something better.  (Toggl’s design is so minimalist and clean while Root Basis’ is clunky and unnatural.)

[As a side note, Toggl would have been completely inappropriate for my purposes. The entire purpose of Root Basis is so that you don’t have to write down what you’re doing.]


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