Business Idea : Free Corporate Housing In Exchange For Your Privacy

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of corporate welfare. Not corporate welfare in the sense of government subsidies or protectionism but corporations taking care of people with a profit incentive.

I originally started with the idea of, “What incentive would a corporation have for providing free food to a population?”  Given that a lot of the expense would be not in the actual food but in the logistics of transferring it to the people, this would be untenable

My next thought was about free housing. Originally, I came up with an idea where there could be a housing complex centered around a Walmart type store. Due to its proximity and how people would enter and exit the complex, people would be more likely to shop there.

But then I came upon another idea: what if people were completely surveiled in their residences as part of this program? Its the perfect way to study a consumer. You could provide them free products and services and be able to see how they really feel about the products and services.  Also, as a side note, you could use it as a testing ground for an artificial intelligence that could evaluate what human beings are doing based on visual feeds and audio information and extrapolate data from those feeds. This would have huge implications.

Of course, it’s all speculative and just an idea, but I thought it was pretty cool.

In hindsight, free food could work as part of a subscription place in the vein of Amazon Prime but more all-encompassing.