Imposing Your Niceness On Other People

I’m waiting at a corner in a residential neighborhood to turn left to go to work. To my right, a car was coming and I was waiting for them to go so that I could make a left turn. They were turning left and stopped briefly for what I assumed was oncoming traffic. After a while, I looked over in the other direction and no one was coming. I realized they were waiting for me to go.

This is what irks me about these type of exchanges. I’m now waiting longer than I would have if she would have just turned initially. There’s only two reasons why people do this: some kind of driving anxiety and imposing their niceness on other people.

So I stayed where I was. I continued looking off in the other direction as if I didn’t know what was going on. She began honking her horn. I thought to myself,”Wow, really?” More honking. Then, finally, she goes and as she’s passing my car, she looks over at me, shaking her head in condescension.

Recently, this same thing happened again. This time, I was exiting a residential neighborhood to a relatively fast-moving street (40+mph) This street can be difficult to turn out onto because of the faster traffic and parked cars limit visibility. I was turning left again and a car was coming from my right. I checked the traffic to my left and as soon as this car went, I was going to go. They came to a complete stop, so, bewildered, I looked over to see what traffic was coming from my left. There was nothing. A friend of mine was with me and told me to go because they were stopping to let me pass. I refused again. This wasn’t nearly as dramatic as the previous encounter and they turned soon without fanfare, but as I turned left, I made a comment like,”What a moron.”  The person in the car with me was like,”They’re just being nice!”

No. It’s not nice. It’s stupidity. It’s imposing your niceness on other people. Every time someone does this, I imagine them screaming at me,”I’M A NICE PERSON! GO! GO! LET ME HELP YOU!”

In both situations, I didn’t require any help. I just needed them to go. That was the only interaction I required from them and they couldn’t even do that right. I won’t even go into situations where people do this at the expense of the traffic behind them or create dangerous situations where they stop in one lane and the traffic in the next lane continues.

If you do this, just stop. You’re not being nice. You’re just being a nice asshole.

Project: Postmortem Messaging

I remember an ex of mine said that I always have to get the last word. I never thought it was true until just now. I’ve always had this obsession in the back of my mind: what’s the last words that I will present to my loved ones?

Most people don’t care what happens when they die. They’re gone so they don’t think it matters.

A How I Met Your Mother episode really brings home my viewpoint on the issue. In season 6 episode 14 of HIMYM, Marshall’s dad dies and the entire episode rests on Marshall obsessing over the last words of his father. He’s distraught over the fact that his father’s last words were so mundane and mediocre.

There’s a chance for everyone on the planet to leave a message for their loved ones after they’re gone. To cultivate how they want to be remembered regardless of what the circumstances of the relationship may be.

The process basically works like this:

  1. Write a message.
  2. Check in periodically on whatever basis you want.
  3. If you don’t respond to our messages after failing to check in, we send out the message for you.

This has applications not only in sending messages after you’re dead but for sending messages in situations when you’re concerned for your safety. If you’re engaged in a possibly dangerous activity by yourself, such as hiking, you can send a message out if something happens and you don’t return.

Originally, I was going to do a minimum viable product to test out the potential for this but then I decided against it. Ultimately, if no one uses this product, that’s fine. I want to use it. When I die, I have things I want to say to people and this project will let me do that.  I’ve been wanting to work on this project for almost two years. I don’t think I’ve been this excited since Do It! Prove It! (Thankfully, this project won’t end in disappointment because I have extremely low expectations.)


How to enable PHP7 in Apache?

So I recently created a new Laravel installation and have entered the wonderful world of Laravel 5.3 (no more app/Http/routes.php) . Unfortunately, the standard chmod and chown commands weren’t helping. I went to the IRC chat on freenode and received condescending remarks but just a  little bit of help. It was only after I went to /r/laravel that I received some insight that the issue was probably that I had two different versions of PHP running. PHP7 on CLI and PHP 5 on Apache.

I tried to reinstall PHP 7 using the directions from Digital Ocean. No such luck. Still just in CLI not on Apache. I had to Google a few different things before I stumbled upon this Stack Exchange question.

First, disable the php5 module:

a2dismod php5
then, enable the php7 module:

a2enmod php7.0
Next, reload/restart the Apache service:

service apache2 restart

So that’s how I was able to resolve the issue and now I can start work on my new project: postmortem messaging.


Why I’m Really Writing This Blog

This blog started because I wanted to evaluate if WordPress plugin development was something I could get into. (Not really for me but if someone wants me to, I will.)

Now it’s become more about establishing a personal brand. Not in the cheesy “build a brand” type talk that you normally hear from people but, hopefully, establishing some kind of social connection with other human beings under the taqfu namespace.

I don’t really interact with other human beings and that’s a huge weakness of mine, because I have almost no social network. Most of the opportunities we experience in life are from our social network so not having that is a huge drawback.

But this is probably the twelfth iteration of some kind of blog. My first was almost two decades ago and I’ve abandoned nearly every single one after a few entries.

I’m a little bit more hopeful for this iteration but…I always am.

Startup Ideas

Ideas are worthless.

If you’re a part of any kind of startup or creative community, you’ve heard that repeated over and over again. It’s all about execution. So if that’s the case, why not just reveal every idea I have? I mean, there’s no inherent value to them, so who cares if someone steals the idea?

More importantly, maybe I’d get feedback on some of them. So that’s what I’ll be doing. Not sure if I’ll do this on a weekly basis or just whenever, but that’s what I’ll be doing. Dropping ideas on here and you can evaluate them however you want and let me know what you think.

Why The Fuck Do I Have A Website

If you’re not using your personal site to somehow advertise your career, it’s a bit masturbatory to have your own personal site. I bought this domain name because I needed something to showcase my gamedev portfolio. My original plan was to develop a bunch of games and try to make a living doing that. This site was not, originally, my username. It was an avaliable domain name with a coherent combination of five random characters.

Quickly, I realized that I was heading down the same path as music with game development. Namely,  that I could do it for the next decade and still have absolutely nothing to show for it, so I abandoned game dev for something more economically viable: web development.

I needed a way to showcase whatever I worked on and I already had this domain so I figured why not?

I’m starting to realize though that this ‘showcase’ isn’t really showcasing shit. I don’t want people to just come to this site, read some text and leave, never coming back. I want them to have a fucking experience.

I just saw some guy’s resume done in a pixelart Javascript platform game. Now I don’t really believe that guy is really proficient in C, C++, Java and whatever else he said, but I’ll always remember his resume.

Then I remember that really great livestream-like site where it’s a guy pretending to code the site in real time. That was a great experience.

That’s what I want. I want people to come to and have a memorable experience that could possibly be turned into some kind of gig.

Now it’s just about figuring out what that means.