Why The Fuck Do I Have A Website

If you’re not using your personal site to somehow advertise your career, it’s a bit masturbatory to have your own personal site. I bought this domain name because I needed something to showcase my gamedev portfolio. My original plan was to develop a bunch of games and try to make a living doing that. This site was not, originally, my username. It was an avaliable domain name with a coherent combination of five random characters.

Quickly, I realized that I was heading down the same path as music with game development. Namely,  that I could do it for the next decade and still have absolutely nothing to show for it, so I abandoned game dev for something more economically viable: web development.

I needed a way to showcase whatever I worked on and I already had this domain so I figured why not?

I’m starting to realize though that this ‘showcase’ isn’t really showcasing shit. I don’t want people to just come to this site, read some text and leave, never coming back. I want them to have a fucking experience.

I just saw some guy’s resume done in a pixelart Javascript platform game. Now I don’t really believe that guy is really proficient in C, C++, Java and whatever else he said, but I’ll always remember his resume.

Then I remember that really great livestream-like site where it’s a guy pretending to code the site in real time. That was a great experience.

That’s what I want. I want people to come to taqfu.com and have a memorable experience that could possibly be turned into some kind of gig.

Now it’s just about figuring out what that means.